Ways to make your bedroom better for sleeping

You're turning off electronics an hour before bedtime and not having caffeine late in the day but you still can't sleep. Experts say the problem could be the decor and environment in your bedroom. Take a look at what going on.

1. You might have too much clutter. Dr Emerson Wickwire from the University of Maryland School of Medicine says physical clutter can cause mental clutter. 

2. Your wall color is too bright or your wall paper is too busy. Dr Wickwire says bright colors and hectic patterns can excite your brain instead of promoting rest.

3. There's too much light coming from your phone or windows. Light can slow down your body's production of Melatonin. 

4. Your window treatments and carpet aren't doing a good job of reducing sounds and light.  Traffic noises and streetlights might be keeping you up. If this is the case try room darkening curtains or thin slat wooden blinds.

5. Your linens are comfortable. Try switching to linens are are more comfortable on your skin. Cotton, flannel or satin could make you more comfortable. 

I know I don't get enough sleep. Getting up at 3 in the morning doesn't help. Sleeping with a dog and two cats doesn't help either. Especially when they meow and cry at my door when I try to sleep in bed without them. However, some of these suggestions are worth a try.  

Source: Huffington Post

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