That 10 concert Facebook post could be a bad idea

Last week every time I logged on to Facebook I saw numerous friends posting 10 concerts they have been to and we had to guess which one they actually didn't go to. Now some security experts say the people who did this could have opened themselves up to being hacked. The reason: many on line sites ask for your first concert as a security question. One expert suggests deleting the post right away. However, other security experts say we're being a little paranoid.  I was actually going to do this myself but I didn't have the time. Now I'm glad I didn't because you never know. It was a fun thing to do. Maybe a fun alternative is to list concert venues and have friends guess which was where we saw our first concert. I don't ever remember seeing that as a security question so I'll tell you mine right here. It was The Garden State Arts Center and I was 12.   

Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews

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