How we are using ice cream to help us parent

Baskin Robbins did a poll to learn how ice cream and family time relate to each other. What the poll showed us was pretty interesting. 

1. Two Thirds of parents say they use ice cream as an incentive to get kids to do what they don't like to do.

2. Dads are more likely than moms to use ice cream to get their kids to do chores

3. 54 percent of parents say they use ice cream to resolve a conflict. Dads are twice as likely to use ice cream like this than moms. 

4. Moms are 5 times more likely to enjoy ice cream alone than dads.

     I don't think I ever used ice cream as an incentive with my kids. I figured since it was made with cream in moderation it was good for them and helped them grow so I always had some in the freezer. Usually whatever brand was on sale that week at the supermarket.  I think since the ice cream was always there they never over did it.

    Then when two of my sons were old enough to start working. Their first jobs were at a fantastic throwback ice cream parlor in Port Jervis called the Riverside Creamery. My youngest son still works there. As teenagers they could eat all the ice cream they wanted when they were at work so they didn't eat much at home. Talk about a dream job! 

     This worked out pretty good for me because any mistakes they made on orders could be brought home for one dollar.   Which makes me one of the few parents who hopes his kids will make a mistake or two at work!  I have have actually used this as a reverse bribe. In my house it goes something like this:

Me:  "James I took your clothes out of the dryer and put them in your room."

James: "OK dad I'll bring you home a hot fudge sundae." 

Source: Yahoo finance 

Steve Andrews

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