Foods that can put you in a bad mood

     Sue Ryskamp senior dietitian at Michigan Medicine's Frankel Cardiovascular Center says a lot of the foods we eat increase inflammation which can lead to chronic health problems and in the short term can cause mood swings. 

     Saturated Fat and simple carbohydrates are the culprits here. Here are some of the foods we love that are loaded with saturated fats, simple carbohydrates or both. 

1. Macaroni and Cheese. Loaded with saturated fats. You don't have to give it up all together. Just have a smaller portion of your mac and cheese and have it with a vegetable. 

2. Soda- the sugar in soda has a huge affect on insulin levels. Which in turn effect our hormones.

3. Hot Dogs. Processed foods like this are high in saturated fat. Having one is not going to cause too much of a problem but eating 2 or 3 is not good. 

4. Candy-refined starches and sugars mess with your hormones. Even so called healthy sugars like agave and honey are not good for you. 

At least pizza and cheeseburgers didn't make the list!  Everything in balance and moderation. I think you can still have all of these as long as you mix in healthy foods like salad, fruit and grains. 

Source: New York Post


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