My Weekend in 5 pictures

     Let me just start by saying I don't like being outside in the cold weather.  I do love getting under a nice blanket and staying inside when it's really cold outside. So it took a little motivation for me to do anything this weekend. The one thing I didn't do is take down the Christmas Tree. I store my Christmas decorations in the attic. There's no heat up there and opening to get up there lets a lot of heat out of the house. The way I saw it. My heating system was working hard enough.

     I did go roller skating at Tri- State Christian Center in Deer Park with my step son and his daughter.  It felt great to move around and exercise. Roller skating is still something I can do pretty well. Many of the other parents enjoy watching me. The key is warming up slowly and using your knees. Tri State Christian Center is a wonderful place for families. One of my other pictures is the box turtles who live there.  They can live over 90 years. 

     The chaos at Kennedy Airport also became a part of my weekend. My son asked me to take a ride with him to Westchester Airport to pick up his girlfriend's parents car. A last minute change in plans caused their flight to be moved to that airport. The best part of the trip for me was going over the new bridge that replaced the Tappan Zee.  The GPS on my son's phone apparently didn't recognize the new bridge and kept saying "proceed to the route" as we drove across. His navigation system must have thought we drove into the water!   

     I did venture to a very crowded supermarket on Sunday. A big mistake. I couldn't wait to get out of there! Then for the rest of the weekend I stayed inside appreciating the warmth and my fireplace.  Which I really should enjoy a lot more. 

Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews

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