Try something new this Easter

As you know I'm a diabetic with a sweet tooth.  I always say it's a catch 22, what I love to eat the most will kill me.  So, in my quest to be medication free I have had to alter everything in my life, most of all what I eat.  I started thinking about those kids who for whatever reason can't have a "traditional" Easter basket filled with chocolate and sweet treats, and how the bunny filled their baskets.  Then, I started to think about the teens and adults like me who are sweet challenged and what I would like to get in an Easter basket.  So guess what? I found these ideas on Pinterest!  You've got to check them out. Great ideas for both kids and adults.  Being Italian, I never go to someones house empty handed. This site has some great ideas for holiday gift giving to your host.  There are some really creative ideas! I love them, you will too!  You've heard me talk about how changing up the Easter feast from dinner to brunch has set my old fashion Italian father off, right? Check it out here.

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