Vernon Dog Gets 3 Week Life Ultimatum Extension

This case has been battled in court for many months.  A Vernon dog owner is trying to meet her court ordered requirements so that she can regain custody of her American Bully.  The dog named Tank reportedly bit a neighbor last September, and there are legal complications.  With the property being right near Walnut Ridge Primary School, you can see the reason for additional concerns.  These cases are often heavily debated, whether or not the dog in question has been provoked.  The dog Tank has been in the Vernon pound ever since then, at a reported cost of $8 per day.  If these conditions aren't met after the judge granted a 3 week extension, Tank could be euthanized.  I hope that Tank can be saved, and then trained properly to prevent this situation happening both to him and anyone else.  A local trainer has volunteered to train him for free, which would be such a generous gift.  You can click here and see the latest updates.

Some towns here in Jersey have enacted special vicious dog laws, where dogs who have had attack incidents would require a $700 special license.  I just want to clarify again that this special license is to offset additional costs on taxpayers, because of the extra resources towns have to spend on these dogs who have been involved in incidents.  Those licenses which Vernon just enacted in January, are NOT a result of breed discrimination.  You can see more about that here.  (We've always been fighting against dog breed discrimination for years.)

How about some very happy puppy news!  Have you met my Pets Of The Week, Lance and Levi?  These brother puppies are simply adorable.  They stole all of our hearts visiting my show, and are very energetic.  Please check them out, they're going to make someone VERY happy!  Cute puppies!

Unrelated to puppies, they're saying that millennials are all about camping?  I love nature, but feel no need to camp unless I'm inside a hotel!  You can see that nonsense by clicking here, lol.

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