The 10 NJ Towns Where Homes Lost Most Value

While almost everywhere in America was hurt by the great recession, Jersey definitely has been struggling to recover.  Most friends I know seem to have purchased their homes right before the bubble burst, and are unfortunately severely under their investment.  Yesterday's article of most towns here in Sussex County losing funding seems to just add insult to injury.   In this ranking of towns whose homes have lost the most median value since the bubble burst, our very own Hamburg ranks as the tenth worst!  I'm still very hopeful that potential local projects like doing over Legends can help rebuild our community.  Personally, I haven't seen many strong plans other than that which can boost our local economy.     

They're now coming out with Bikinis you can TAPE on???  Ouch!  Granted, it's been awhile since I've waxed my own bikini line, but doesn't this sound just downright painful?  How do they take them off?  You can see all about this insane fashion trend here.  While I'm a bachelor who uses duct tape for many more situations than normally needed, this one just sounds wrong!  I love bikinis, and I love duct tape, but not together!

3 simple yoga stretches that can help if you've been sitting at your desk all day.  These are simple, quick and easy!  That's definitely my speed.  I also just stumbled upon some good foam-roller stretches for your upper body that we can start doing. I use my foam-roller to crack my back most mornings, without knowing there are more stretches we can do.  

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