Vernon Bus Direct To NYC Already Cancelled

The trial run of a Coach bus going direct from Vernon into the city has ended.  They needed 30 riders on a daily basis to break even, and most days there were fewer than 10.  I was there broadcasting live on Facebook for the very first bus run and it gained wonderful feedback.  There were only 4 passengers on the first ever bus ride.  Several of my friends said that after their month transportation pass expires then they would try this exciting new option.  This bus departed from Vernon Valley Plaza (where Acme is.)  I've been rooting for this several years.  The fares were very competitive at $18 per one way ticket.  If I'm going to the city on a weekday, typically my speed is driving 45 minutes to the Dover commuter rail train station.  This is a STRONG new option.  Congressman Josh Gottheimer and Vernon Mayor Shortway had been working together with Coach USA on this for several months.  I felt this bus option could be a huge opportunity for Vernon.  Between this, and the hopeful development of Legends, Vernon potential!  Commuting options can definitely have an enormous positive impact on towns.  It is imperative that we spread the word on this so the new transportation options remains available to us.  If nobody rides on it we'll lose it!  We need good news for Vernon, especially after a recent announcement that the town is unable to pay it's sewer bill.  

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