Evictions Via Police Force Avoided At Legends In Vernon

This week was the ultimate deadline day for those remaining families who were still living at Legends illegally.  Fortunately for all involved, there were no evictions necessary via police force.  The tenants have now all moved out of Legends.  The former Playboy Club has been deteriorating for many years, and local officials deemed it unsafe as a permanent residence.  The remaining tenants would have been forced out by police yesterday on the final deadline to relocate.  Sussex Division Of Social Services and The Samaritan Inn has been in contact with these families.  They have been granted $1500 in relocation assistance.  Now that this potentially uncomfortable and awkward situation has seemingly ended, we can start thinking about what is next for Legends.  We reported earlier that one company is interested in purchasing the unit for $12 million, converting it into an 8 story hotel, 55 and older living community, retail, shops, and a possible connection to NJ Public Transit giving a path from Vernon into the city.  I feel this has enormous potential for Vernon, Sussex County and Jersey as a whole.  Redeveloping that massive space with gorgeous views has serious potential for our community.


Did you see that a Vernon native and Pope John High was drafted into the NFL by my Patriots?  Congratulations again to Ryan Izzo.


Last night, my bros from back home were teasing me about how long it took me to grill those massive london broil steaks over the weekend.  Yes, I spent almost an hour grilling these steaks -- and they came out medium much to my disliking, as I prefer them medium rare.


7 habits of highly successful people.  I'm lucky enough to have several very successful friends, and they follow these habits big time.  I strive for improvement in each of these 7 areas from Bustle.  Staying positive, sticking to a morning routine, managing their time efficiently, always being curious and learning, etc.

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